Tanks have ‘greenest credentials’

Paul Boughton
Recent studies demonstrate that tankcontainers have a carbon footprint almost 50 per cent lower than equivalent drummed shipments on long-haul routes.
Tankcontainers are the most energy-efficient and environment-friendly way of moving intermediate quantities of bulk liquids.
In an increasingly environment-conscious world, where carbon trading is now a real economic consideration the tankcontainer makes sense, according to UBH International, which has been producing transport tanks for 50 years.
The intermodal tank container is an extremely safe, economical and environmentally friendly means of transport, offering, reduced handling, safer filling and discharging, robust design, tamper-proof construction and re-usability over a life of up to 35 years. A contrast to the inefficient, costly and sometimes hazardous shipment of liquids in drums. 
ISO-tanks range in capacity from 7500 to 26000 litres and are equally well-suited to foodgrade, pharmaceutical and hazardous chemical applications. Industrial gases such as liquid nitrogen, oxygen and argon can also be securely shipped in tank containers, with easy transfer from road to rail to ship minimising the burden on the environment, and benefiting the bottom line.
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UBH International Ltd is based in Burscough, Lancashire, UK. www.ubh.co.uk