Gear pump for high viscosity media

Paul Boughton
Maag Pump Systems offers a discharge pump with special inlet geometry for industrial applications with medium to high viscosity media.

The cinox-V/therminox-V stainless steel pump is ideal for all plant operators with difficult applications at low inlet pressures (vacuum) and high levels of viscosity (up to 4 million mPas), eg resins, fats, silicones, sucrose esters or prepolymers. It can be used at temperatures up to 350°C.

The inlet geometry ensures even filling of the gears at low pressure to safeguard continuous production flow. Two versions are available. The gear pump with round inlet geometry is offered as variant one. The ANSI standard flange is connected to the discharge flange of the reactor (thin-film evaporator).

On the second variant the pump connection flange is omitted and the gear pump is directly connected to the reactor (sandwich design). This solution is particularly optimised for reactors under a vacuum. The reduced distance between the reactor and the gear pump makes it possible to work at a low NPSH value. The gears are only a few millimetres under the flange mounting surface of the thin-film evaporator. The medium is discharged directly on the gears.

The V series can be supplied with heated and unheated housings - the choice is yours. In addition, a packing gland can be used, throttled and spring-loaded as an option. This prevents the medium from reacting with oxygen.

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Maag Pump Systems AG is based in Oberglatt, Switzerland.