Enclosed head print systems

Paul Boughton
With the ability to accommodate all solder pastes, DEK’s ProFlow Atx Enclosed Head Print Systems now provides the flexibility required by today’s demanding production environments. 

The technology combines a low-volume print chamber with an innovative paste loading mechanism, facilitating consistent process control and performance. 

Within the print chamber, ProFlow ATx’s conditioning grid actively conditions the solder paste materials and the system subsequently delivers a robust paste roll for precise aperture filling. 

“Alternative enclosed systems do not actively condition the paste,” says DEK’s Andy Edmonds, Product Specialist.  “The result of this inactivity is material separation and drying issues, which can lead to defective prints.  ProFlow ATx eliminates this concern by incorporating active conditioning functionality.”

ProFlow ATx’s direct, automatic loading from industry standard packaging assures that manual intervention is minimized and costs are reduced. Add to this the fact that materials are contained in a sealed environment, thus reducing waste, and ProFlow ATx is the clear solution for cost-efficient, environmentally responsible materials deposition.

Recent customer evaluations have confirmed the superior performance of ProFlow ATx. Tested against some aggressive targets, ProFlow ATx performed exceptionally well, meeting the criteria of first pass yield of better than 98 per cent and scrap of less than 0.5 per cent The system also exceeded demanding material and cost savings metrics. 

“The speed, throughput, cost efficiency, simplified cleaning and maintenance and operator ease of use afforded by ProFlow ATx are simply unmatched,” concludes Edmonds.  “This technology delivers process efficiencies and performance levels other enclosed systems just can’t touch.”

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