Save energy and money on existing thermal installations

Paul Boughton
Most thermal installations in operation today are equipped with conventional gas or oil fired burners that use traditional control mechanisms. In the last decade there have been many important developments in both combustion technology inside the burner and in the way fuel control systems are engineered.

If you are considering a retrofit, it is very important to have your installation checked by a specialised company who can advise you on how an upgrade can affect your burner and overall system performance. The investment in latest generation equipment will typically pay for itself due to fuel cost savings alone. Furthermore, upgrading an older gas or oil control system to comply with the latest European directives and standards will lead to safer equipment, thus lowering the risks of incidents and plant downtime.

Maxon, a burner and control equipment manufacturer, is a leading company in the development of clean and energy efficient burner systems. With a well spread global sales and service network, Maxon is able to pay you an on-site visit and offer you professional and free advice on how you can improve the efficiency and safety of your current burner installation.

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Maxon, A Honeywell Company, is based in Vilvoorde, Belgium.

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