Explosive decompression perfluoroelastomer for offshore pumps and valves

Paul Boughton
Oil and gas seals specialist, Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) says operators can increase the productivity of their offshore exploration and processing systems with its latest explosive decompression (ED) resistant,  Perlast G92E perfluoroelastomer.

By combining Perlast G92E's ED, temperature and chemical resistance with PPE's seal design service, precision moulding and rapid delivery, operators are able to specify seals fully optimised for maximum operational life in ultra-aggressive, offshore oil and gas processing applications.

The Perlast G92E elastomer is suitable for environments up to 260°C. It has been tested successfully in a range of high temperature, high pressure and aggressive gas conditions, including those described in NORSOK M710, and is currently undergoing further industry and international explosive decompression standards testing.

Perlast G92E is part of the EnDura range of elastomers designed specifically for the oil and gas offshore industry. The polymer's high fluorine content renders it inert to a wide range of liquids and gases such as hydrogen sulphide and methane encountered during oil and gas operations. 

EnDura is a family of different elastomer types that offer superior chemical resistance compared to conventional explosive decompression grades, greater high and low temperature capabilities and are tested to the major international explosive decompression standards such as NOROSK M-710. The EnDura range includes HNBR, TFE/P, and FKM elastomers.

"Operators are increasingly recognising that effective sealing is a combination of high performance materials and excellence in seal design. PPE leads in both. Our seals are used daily in some of the most demanding offshore applications. Perlast G92E strengthens our EnDura range at the upper end of the performance range, enabling greater seal optimisation," says Steve Jagels, US business development manager, PPE Ltd.

For more information, visit www.prepol.com

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