Dryers remove excess water vapour from analysers

Paul Boughton

Perma Pure's MD-series dryers remove excess water vapour to keep analysers in environmental, laboratory, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, water and industrial applications free from damage and inaccurate results. A patent-pending product upgrade incorporates two swivel head connectors so that OEMs may install the dryer quickly, regardless of the orientation of the analyser's connection fittings.

Using patented Nafion membrane technology, MD-Series dryers selectively remove only water vapour from gas samples, thereby leaving the concentration of other gas stream constituents intact for measurement. With this one-step drying module there is no need for a drip leg, Peltier cooler or desiccant canister. Without moving parts, the dryers are highly reliable and require no routine maintenance.

The new dual swivel head connectors speed manufacturing time and eliminate the need for adjustments to the OEM's equipment. The upgraded dryers are said to install even more quickly with less chance of damage.

The two swivel head connecter upgrade is offered on polypropylene and fluorocarbon MD-Series dryers, and is available in a range of sizes to accommodate a variety of applications with flow rates of up to 4 litres per minute. The compact design is easily incorporated into analyser cabinets.

For more information, visit www.permapure.com

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