Software for visibility and management of industrial Ethernet networks

Paul Boughton

Belden is releasing Hirschmann Industrial Hivision v4.0 to meet the needs for maximum network visibility. This new software tool for industrial network management is suitable for configuring and supervising all Hirschmann managed products, as well as third-party devices.

Hirschmann Industrial Hivision v4.0 provides insight into the status of the end devices and network components while in operation. This enables users to rectify faults before system failures result in expensive downtime. This latest version of Industrial Hivision is claimed to guarantee a higher level of operational availability. Automatic topology detection now includes unmanaged switches, thereby providing an even more realistic depiction of network connectivity.

Building on many years of experience with Hivision network configuration products, Industrial Hivision v4.0 was expressly designed so users can configure multiple devices simultaneously. Using Multiconfig saves effort and reduces the chance of making mistakes. Multiconfig is also useful throughout a network's lifetime, facilitating regular changing of device passwords and firmware upgrades, thereby helping to keep networks secure and reliable.

Introducing the new software, Mark Cooksley, product manager for network management, explains: "Compared to office networks, industrial networks require more peremptory monitoring, because they are subject to higher levels of stress from environmental conditions. Network availability is a key factor for industrial processes. Here, Hirschmann Industrial Hivision is an essential tool, because it is specifically designed for effective industrial network supervision."

Although Hirschmann Industrial Hivision v4.0 is optimised for Hirschmann products, third-party products can easily be integrated. Any SNMP-enabled device can be supervised to the same level of detail as a Hirschmann product. As a result, only a single management application is required to monitor the complete network infrastructure and connected end devices.

Hirschmann Industrial Hivision v4.0 can easily be integrated into Scada applications and offers an embedded SNMP/OPC server. The graphical user interface is available as an Activex control. The DTM for Field Device Tool frame applications completes the synthesis with other industrial management platforms.

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