Embedded computer module based on latest Intel Core i7 processor

Paul Boughton
The conga-BM57 features the latest Intel Core i7-620M processor with a core speed of 2.66GHz, 4 MByte L2 cache and supports up to 8GByte fast (1066 MT/s) dual channel DDR3 m

The conga-BM57 is a two chip solution, which utilises the Mobile Intel HM55 Express Chipset. The integrated graphics controller supports the Intel Flexible Display Interface (FDI) in order to allow for two independent video channels on VGA, LVDS, HDMI, DisplayPort or SDVO interfaces.

The major highlight of the COM Express Basic module with type 2 connector pinout is the improved graphics performance. The 3D performance has been substantially increased over the last generation of Intel integrated graphics. Paired with the additional computing performance of the Intel Core i7 processor, the conga-BM57 is a suitable solution for intense graphics applications that are often found in gaming or medical image applications.

Intel Turbo Boost Technology provides an on-demand boost in the clock speed for one processor core if the other core is less utilised. This new feature improves the computing performance by as much as 25 per cent - as measured by congatec during benchmark testing.

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