High grade guide rollers bear radial and axial loads in contrast to conventional bearings

Paul Boughton

Tough environments require special technical preconditions. This applies especially for heavy load guidance systems used, for example, in foundries and surrounding areas due to contamination and heat.

Load runners are high-grade guide rollers which, in contrast to conventional ball bearings, can not only easily bear radial loads but also axial loads. This is made possible through the use of tapered roller bearings with rollers starting at Ø 70mm.

As they are designed for use in temperatures between -34°C and 250°C and insensitive to dirt and moisture, Load Runners can also be employed at high speeds and in difficult environments.

On account of the excellent materials that are employed, longevity and maintenance-free operation is garanteed.

Load Runners are available in metric and imperial sizes. The roll diameters which are available range from 26mm to 250mm. They are produced in many different variations, eg supporting, sectional and flange rolls with journals - either centric or eccentric and either with or without journals.

The range includes the right metric threads and nuts for installing supporting roles with journals. Suitable induction hardened rails for the carrying rolls can also be supplied.

Osborne International says that this possibility for transporting heavy loads is of particular interest for the automotive industry, for foundries as well as the steel and aluminium industries. However despite this, there are other applications in all areas in which heavy loads have to be transported with safety and precision.

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Osborn International GmbH is based in Burgwald, Germany. www.osborn.de or www.loadrunners.de

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