Glass partition walls: more freedom in design through adhesive tapes

Paul Boughton
Today, glass is one of the most important construction materials in modern architecture. Its multifunction provides clear advantage to many other materials. Especially for light flooded and sophisticated living designs and spaces, glass partition walls are stylish and combine esthetical requirement with functional versatility. They are adjustable, provide highest flexibility of floor plan, a clean assembling and are time saving in regard to tight construction plan assemblies.

The design possibilities, in combination with modern home and assembling technology, are almost endless. And now Lohmann has developed a double sided adhesive range which adapts seamlessly to the requirements of modern glass walls.

Adhesive tape optimises bonding

The bonding of glass partition walls and the product range Duplocoll CPT (clear performance tape) 96xx provides also many advantages. Up until now, bonding in this area was achieved by means of silicones. However, these have the disadvantage of requiring long curing times, ie the applicator has to accept long waiting time until the adhesive has reached sufficient hardness and further processing is possible.

These disadvantages have now been overcome by Duplocoll CPT 96xx because the adhesive tape substitutes as a silicone bonding. Therefore, the applicator saves time and can start directly with the bonding and proceed further.

The carrierless adhesive film tape, made of pure acrylic with a polyethylene cover, offers crystal clear bonding. A further property is the defined viscous elastic adhesive coating of the transparent adhesive tapes ranging from 0.5mm to 3mm. These provide a rheological behaviour even on rough surfaces and achieves full holohedral adhesion. Beyond that, the acrylic coating balances the differing coefficient of expansion optimally as its ductility reaches up to 500 per cent. This allows an outstanding elastic recovery of bonding. Additionally, these adhesive tapes provide very good sealing and insulating properties. Duplocoll CPT is age and UV resistant and suitable for long term applications. Furthermore, the adhesive tape series offers a special technology of edge passivation technique, ie, the edges of this highly transparent adhesive are passively dry and therefore insensible to outward influence such as dust. Therewith, Lohmann offers a special product benefit to those applicators regarding design and process times.

Duplocoll CPT adhesive tapes are universally applicable, design friendly and as defined above, are an economical bonding solution. They are versatile in their properties as they not only bond but also seal, damp and insulate as well as protect. Therefore, these adhesive tapes offer an alternative to the usual applications of fluid adhesives.

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Christina Barg-Becker is with Lohmann GmbH & Co, Neuwied, Germany.

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