New USB data acquisition module suits 19-inch or portable applications

Paul Boughton

Data Translation is introducing its latest flagship data acquisition module, the DT 9824, which provides four galvanically isolated differential inputs with a dedicated 24-bit A/D converter for each channel. The new USB module achieves resolutions up to 0.07uV. Its low temperature drift and high common-mode rejection of >150dB are said to set new standards in compact USB data acquisition. The rugged steel enclosure makes the DT 9824 suitable for use as a portable device and for mounting in a 19inch rack. The module is powered by USB so that no external power supply is needed.

The DT 9824 module provides input voltage ranges of +/-10V. Gains of 1, 8, 16 and 32 are individually programmable per channel, depending on the applied signals. All input channels can be sampled simultaneously at up to 4.8kHz per channel. Removable screw terminals on the module allow quick and easy signal connections.

In addition to the analogue channels, the data acquisition module provides eight isolated digital inputs for signals up to 28V DC and eight solid-state relay outputs that operate at +/-30V and 400mA peak. The digital I/O are galvanically isolated, with connections made via a D-sub connector.

DT 9824 modules feature Data Translation's ISO-Channel technology that is claimed to ensure ultra-high accuracy and stability. This technology includes custom DC/DC converters and digital opto-couplers that provide full channel-to-channel isolation of up to 1000V.

These new data acquisition module comes with a comprehensive software package including a wide choice of useful software tools and drivers, such as oscilloscope and data logger, IVI-COM drivers, .NET class libraries and a Win32 software development kit.

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