Quarter-turn fastener offers IP65 protection and enhanced security

Paul Boughton
FDB Panel Fittings is introducing an IP65 quarter-turn spanner lock that can only be opened by use of a special non-standard key. This new lock is provided with a Fiat insert, which makes it useful for situations where a conventional lock could be easily opened by unauthorised persons using readily available keys or simple tools. Typically this includes manufacturing environments or controls of service equipment where only qualified service engineers are permitted access to electrical/electronic enclosures or service access panels.
Furthermore, FDB points out that the Fiat spanner lock is suitable for specifying as a retrofit to enhance security on existing equipment by virtue of its industry-standard 20mm rounded-square cutout installation. Other features include 90-degree cam rotation, left- and right-hand application, 90-degree stepped key removal, availability of multiple depth cams, as well as a three-point cam for rod activation, and a choice of black or chrome finishes.
For more information, visit www.fdb.co.uk

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