Proportional pressure relief valve with integrated control electronics

Paul Boughton
Eaton is introducing the KBCG5-3 high-flow, proportional pressure relief valve with integrated control electronics and a flow capability of up 40 litres/minute. With an industry-standard seven-pin connector, Eaton is describing the KBCG5-3 as a genuine plug-and-play unit.
Colin Cooper, the product manager for industrial controls, EMEA, says: "This new valve is designed to help extend the flow rate options within our KB series and thereby broaden the scope of potential applications. It has all the features offered by the other units in the range plus an on-board pre-programmed amplifier to ensure maximum consistency of functionality."
Features provided by the KBCG5-3 valve include: on-board digital electronics with ramp adjustment; IP65/67 protection; a choice of voltage and current command supply; five pressure settings; hysteresis and linearity stability; and electrical power-down failsafe protection. In addition, the KBCG5-3's integral amplifier is pre-programmed with preset pressure ratings to help ensure consistent pressure gain settings and valve-to-valve performance repeatability.
Options include voltage or current command supply and an external valve enable function.
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