DC-DC converters designed for rail industry applications

Paul Boughton
TDK-Lambda is expanding its DC-DC converter range with the introduction of the new CN-A series that have a wide range 60-160V DC input, which is widely used in railway applications. Available with nominal output voltages from 5 to 24V (adjustable ±10 per cent) and power ratings up to 100W, these wide input range, fully-regulated and isolated power supplies are claimed to deliver exceptional performance in the quarter-brick footprint.
The CN-A DC-DC modules are suitable for both rolling stock and fixed installations, enabling customers to design cost-effective EN 50155-compliant systems without the risks associated with custom product designs and in a much shorter timescales. TDK-Lambda also offers a design and manufacturing service for customers preferring to buy complete systems meeting their exact electrical and mechanical requirements.
Designed for use in harsh environments, the CN-A series meets the stringent shock and vibration requirements of IEC 61373 Category 1 Class B, as well as the Japanese equivalent standard JIS E 4031. In addition, all models accept the wide-range DC input commonly found in railway applications, which enables operation from any voltage between 60 and 160V.
These baseplate-cooled power supplies, with industry-standard quarter-brick pinout, provide exceptionally high, true useable power from -40 to +100 degrees C without derating. The CN100A110-24 model, for example, offers up to 88 per cent power conversion efficiency, 60.5W/in3 power density and delivers up to 4.2A useable output current in a package measuring 57.9 x 36.8 x 12.7mm.
As standard they are equipped with remote sense, remote on/off and input-to-output isolation of 3000V AC, as well as over-voltage and over-current protection circuitry. All CN-A models are delivered with TDK-Lambda's five-year warranty, are safety-approved to UL/CSA/EN 60950-1 and are CE marked to the Low-Voltage Directive.
For more information, visit www.uk.tdk-lambda.com