Warehouse overload protection device

Paul Boughton
HBM has developed the VKIA405 digital amplifier that securely and permanently protects warehouse storage areas from overloading. This unit is designed to guarantee long-term stability of a storage system because it enables monitoring of loads during operations and prevents any possibility of overloading in the storage area. Up to four analogue load cells can be connected to the new amplifier.
Storage lifts and automatic warehouses require special considerations for measurement technology in order to minimise maintenance downtime. Maintenance interrupts continuous operations such as the removal and storage of goods, leading to high costs. It is therefore important that long-term stability is a main criterion in the selection of measurement and weighing technology for these applications.
The VKIA enables digital measured value processing with long-term stable supply voltage for the analogue load cells. In addition, a HBM-tested off-centre load compensation network is integrated in the VKIA405, which simplifies installation because no additional wiring connection boxes for the load cells are needed. In addition, the VKIA405 is fitted with a serial RS485 interface that ensures effective integration with the control and data processing system of a warehouse.
A typical application for the VKIA405 is integrating the amplifier and corresponding load cells at the charging station so they are part of the material flow. The VKIA405 is also highly suitable for simple weighing and monitoring tasks beyond legal-for-trade requirements.
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