Centralised management of production devices

Paul Boughton
HBM's DeviceTypeManager (DTM) for the Digiclip amplifier provides central control for all devices in a modern production system for improved asset management. The software enables system operators to set up amplifiers, visualise measured values and manage device settings centrally, both in the device and in the machine control system.
Integration and operation is implemented via the system control station or globally via the Internet using Field Device Technology (FDT) principles. All aspects of modern system asset management - such as system condition, machine parameters and production capacity - are available to the operator. Using these techniques the DTM is optimally matched to any device, thereby ensuring that each device is used optimally.
HBM's Digiclip amplifiers are used for monitoring forces and torques in production or filling processes and can be easily integrated into production systems to provide graphical displays of key information. Integration utilises the Profibus DPV1 protocol, which makes it possible to integrate any devices into a system whatever their manufacturer or fieldbus protocol.
The DTM for the Digiclip amplifier is supplied with every module on a CD and can also be obtained free of charge from HBM's website, making it possible to retrofit production systems with the FDT/DTM technology.
For more information, visit www.hbm.com

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