Large hoses guided alongside cables

Paul Boughton
In addition to more efficient cable separation and reliable strain relief, Kabelschlepp's development engineers have also addressed the safe and reliable routing of large hoses - such as those for dust and fume extraction.
A new design of mounting frame stays for the Kabelschlepp Uniflex Advanced 1665 handle this task even when hoses have a diameter larger than the clear height of the chain links. Depending on the installation situation, the mounting frame stays can be attached to the inner radius or outer radius of the cable carrier. To route additional small-diameter lines such as electrical cables and hydraulic hoses, the chambers below the main chamber are used. For additional separation of these lines, dividers can also be employed.
The new mounting frame stays from Kabelschlepp are available with inside heights of 114mm, 139mm, 164mm and 189mm.
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