Ironcad Next Generation released

Paul Boughton

Ironcad LLC is releasing Ironcad Version 2009. Branded as Ironcad Next Generation, this latest offering is claimed to change the whole perception of CAD and introduce unrivalled productivity and functionality.

By combining the flexibility and creativity of innovative modelling with the parametric power of structured design into a single modelling environment, Ironcad Next Generation gives designers and engineers greater design freedom and flexibility to get products to market faster with better quality.

In addition, Ironcad has introduced a new 2D design environment integrated within IRONCAD that offers leading-edge mechanical design capabilities to assist in detailing 3D and 2D design data.
Ironcad says its software has always been a leader in innovative design, being the first application to bring the power of feature-history and direct editing within a single part, delivering a clean and simple approach to design allowing engineers to really think in 3D and to create models dynamically on screen without having to pre-plan and map out the concept in advance.

Without compromising Ironcad's core values, Next Generation provides the combination of Ironcad's innovative design environment with the more conventional history-based structured design environment, allowing users to choose at an individual part level which process is most appropriate for the particular part they are designing. Ironcad's structure part design allows users to build rigid feature-dependant parts with embedded design intent, delivering more control over future changes and delivering predictable structure to the design.

This approach to design is powerful for creating parametrically controlled and logically designed parts. Ironcad recognises that this approach is beneficial for certain types of design projects but that real power comes from the ability to define the design mode that is most appropriate at a part by part level.

With Next Generation, Ironcad is claimed to be unique in offering customers the choice between Structured or Innovative design modes at an individual part level within a single assembly.
Traditionally 3D modellers have always offered simple 2D detailing tools to detail and annotate their 3D models. Leveraging its strategic partnership with Caxa, Ironcad has integrated Caxa's renowned 2D design and detailing tool within the Ironcad modelling environment. This fully functional 2D mechanical design tool ensures that users can detail to the highest level without the need to export to a third-party product or lose any associations with the core 3D model data.
Dr Tao-Yang Han, president of Ironcad, comments: "Ironcad Next Generation is a significant advancement in the mechanical design market. Ironcad offers the most flexible design choices to users, allowing them to design parts in a manner that is best fit for the design task at hand, eliminating the design limits implied on users by design systems. Ironcad Next Generation continues to deliver the leading-edge capabilities that customers and markets are demanding to improve the overall design productivity. We are confident that Ironcad Next Generation will exceed our customers' expectation and that it will improve their design process."
Ironcad Next Generation and its accompanying bonus Gold Partner Products are available for immediate download (an evaluation copy is available).
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