3D geometric constraint solver gains performance enhancements

Paul Boughton
LEDAS, an independent provider of variational design tools, component technologies and software development services for the CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM market, is releasing version 2.0 of its LGS 3D geometric constraint solver. As a core component of parametric 3D modelling applications, LGS 3D enables users to express their design intent through geometric constraints and driving dimensions.
Since its first release in 2005, a dozen CAD/CAM/CAE vendors have licensed the LGS 3D software component, embedding it into applications that perform assembly design, motion simulation, and history-free 3D geometry editing. It now said to be used by thousands of engineers, architects and designers around the globe.
LGS 3D version 2.0 contains significant functional enhancements. It also boosts performance and improves stability. These improvements were obtained after several man-years of testing the components with different applications on thousands of commercial scenarios.
A new API function supports the definition of simultaneous movements by several geometric objects, each with a different rotation and translation. LEDAS customers can now employ more sophisticated scenarios of motion simulation. On the application side, version 2.0 defines optional memory management tools for controlling and optimising memory use. This new feature is crucial for CAD/CAM/CAE applications that model large assemblies.
The time LGS 3D takes to solve constraints has been significantly reduced, and it is now up to ten times faster than v1.5 for large models. The over-defined constraint diagnostics algorithm has been improved, a function crucial to 3D geometry editing applications that generate many constraints automatically to keep design intent.
Version 2.0 of LGS 3D is already embedded in several commercial applications running on Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X, including recent versions of the Driving Dimensions plug-in for Google Sketchup and McNeel & Associates' Rhinoceros. The Driving Dimensions plug-ins aims at making advanced mechanical CAD technology available to all users of popular 3D software at an affordable price.
Dmitry Ushakov, director of product management at LEDAS, states: "LGS 3D v.2.0 is ideal solution for those who are looking to implement state-of-the art constraint solving technology in their software for a reasonable price. Each month we receive evaluation requests from CAD vendors for our LGS 2D and 3D components. We are pleased to collaborate with all software developers – be it large established vendors or small start-ups – by proposing affordable licensing conditions and lifetime technical support."
For more information, visit www.ledas.com

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