Electromechanical joining module costs less

Paul Boughton

Kistler's electromechanical joining modules facilitate automation of force-displacement monitored joining and press-fitting processes.

The new NC joining module NCFB Type 2160A... has been specially designed for standard joining processes and is an enhancement of the existing product range.

With its cost-optimised design, it offers a more favourable price/performance ratio. The piezoelectric force sensor integrated within the robust case offers a choice of two predefined measuring ranges, 50kN and 25kN, for precision force measurement.
Even deep end points such as the position of bearings in half-shell gear boxes can be easily reached with the 400mm stroke. The speed of up to 150mm/s offers a quick return stroke and a short machine cycle, even for a long idle stroke. The use of the absolute encoder, which is part of the standard equipment on all Kistler NC joining modules, eliminates the need for reference point determination even during operation.
The NC Compact Firmware (Type 2159A...), which is integrated into the servo controller, is suitable for simple force-displacement evaluation and documentation of standard joining tasks with the NC joining module NCFB. With low investment and mounting costs, it is easily integrated into the customer's existing control environment.
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