Automatic valves for on-off and high performance control

Paul Boughton
Series FP94 is a solution for on-off control for steam, various fluid and also for low viscosity medium and light gasses. It’s an on-off angle seat piston valve and it is robust, many-sided and a long life valve.
Features include: body in AISI 316; actuator in AISI304; plug gasket in modified PTFE; long V-ring stuffing box in PTFE+FPM.
Valvole Hofmann by Bonino Engineering has various series, such as the M9 which guarantees a perfect control due the very high rangeability (flow max/flow min at same pressure drop with the same size), in order to control a wide flow with one DN.
Any condition can be managed with an accurate construction of the valve on the key-point parts, like plug design (EQP – Linear), plug seal (soft, metal to metal std, metal to metal with stellite)  flow-divider cage, intermediate body, stem sealing, body materials and finally the right positioner for the remote control.
Standard body materials are in nodular cast iron GGG40.3 or AISI316, stem sealing can be made be PTFE+FPM V-ring, GRAPHITE+PTFE, BELLOW SEAL + additional V-ring safety stuffing box.
Furthermore technical department can offer personalized solutions according to customer requirements.
Other on-off valves are available such as the MA/MN series that  has been designed for cut-off requirements in fluids with very low flow rates. Both valves are particularly suitable for laboratory and dosing plants.  All type have body, intermediate and stem in AISI 316.
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Valvole Hofmann By Bonino Engineering srl is based in Occhieppo Inf, Biella, Italy.