Sealless pumping solution for viscous Newtonian or Non-Newtonian liquids  

Paul Boughton
Rotary positive displacement sealless pumps, magnetically coupled MAG drive pumps are finding increasing use in the process industries in hard-to-seal applications and when HES (Health, Environmental and Safety) are of high priority. The HES aspects are not the only factor to be considered when selecting MAG drive pumps; also reduced maintenance requirements are important. When the total life-cycle costs of a pump are calculated, a MAG drive solution will often provide the best technical and economical solution.
MAG drive pumps are today as reliable as conventionally sealed pumps, but have the advantage that the weakest point (the seal) has been eliminated. The fact that a complicated and expensive, seal-flushing system is not needed is important when comparing MAG drive with conventional single or double sealing arrangements.
Reliability and the importance of extending the time between overhauls have been in focus in the continuous product development, and the manufacturer's proven methods of reducing the friction in the magnetic coupling when pumping low to high viscous Newtonian or non-Newtonian liquids and the enhanced cooling result in the fact that today MAG drive pumps are suitable for even more applications than earlier.
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