Capacitive sensors are easy to use

Paul Boughton
IFM Electronic is releasing the next in a long line of sensors for direct product detection using the capacitive principle. The new KQ design is optimised for detecting conductive media through non-metallic vessel walls.
The innovative setup of this compact sensor means that users simply press the button to set the sensitivity to the application and programme the open or closed function. To make matters even simpler, the electronics automatically detect the polarity of the circuit it is switching, accommodating PNP or NPN without user intervention. Packing all these functions into one device means fewer types need to be stocked.
A range of accessories make installation quick and easy, too. Whether detecting bulk materials or liquids, these sensors are suitable for detecting minimum levels, leakage or overfilling of tanks.
The units are designed with a sensing range adjustable from 3-20mm, resulting typically in about 12mm where it is desensitised to ignore a sight glass or similar. An LED integrated into the sensor housing indicates the switching status. The operating voltage is between 10 and 36V DC.
Because four functions are incorporated within one device as standard, options only need to cover connections, with 2m fixed lead available, or two pigtail connectors in M8 or M12.
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