Group 2 (SAE A) cast iron pumps for mobile hydraulics

Paul Boughton
Eaton Corporation is adding new Group 2 (SAE A) cast iron pumps to its popular Global Gear Pump (GGP) line. The new pumps are available in ten displacements from 8.0cm3/rev to 36.0cm3/rev with a maximum operating pressure of 310 bar and speed up to 3600rpm.

This new product is being launched in response to customer requirements for quieter, more durable pumps. A key benefit of the new pumps is that they are able to operate in the higher temperature environment created by upcoming diesel emission regulations.

Because the GGP A-Cast Iron Series was engineered primarily for mobile applications, quiet operation was one of the principal design goals. Eaton's GGPs offer advanced high-efficiency gear profiles that provide low noise and low-pressure ripple.

Mobile applications are also the reason the GGP A-Cast Iron Series uses cast iron rather than the more common aluminium. Cast iron's better thermal stability and higher strength imparts greater durability and extends service life in comparison to aluminium pumps or similar types.

The cast iron pump extends the product line's capabilities into a whole new range of heavy-duty applications where durability is the key factor. They use specially-designed wear-resistant bearings to achieve high pressure and speed ratings. They are also available with B- size shafts in the A-size frame to add even more torque and pressure capacity.

Typical applications for the new A-Cast Iron pumps include skid steer loaders, wheel and front-end loaders, telehandlers, forestry equipment, agriculture harvesters and combines, fan drive cooling systems, and industrial power units.

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