IP68 barcode positioning system is more economical

Paul Boughton
Leuze Electronic's innovative barcode positioning system for accurate positioning on production and transfer lines up to 9.6km (6 miles) long is been expanded by the addition of a new, economical and function-optimised BPS8 model. This position measuring system provides positioning information with millimetre accuracy in a simple, easy-to-install and simple-to-maintain unit.

Optical measurement techniques are especially well suited to determining the position of rail-mounted industrial trucks, suspension tracks, crane systems, high-bay storage devices or similar automated systems because they function without mechanical wear or slippage.

Leuze Electronic's barcode positioning systems (BPS) enable positions to be determined precisely along horizontal and vertical paths. Using a visible red light laser, the measuring unit reads its position from a barcode tape, determining its position from the codes value.

The unit's large scanning distance compensates for mechanical tolerances and copes easily with bends along a production line, for example. The systems can be interfaced with numerous control systems, including Profibus and SSI.

Complementing the already proven BPS 34 and 37, the BPS8 was developed by Leuze Electronic as an economical and function-optimised model to expand the applications for barcode positioning systems.

In its basic configuration, the new BPS 8 devices transmit the calculated position values to the primary control via an RS232 interface. For use in industrial environments a connector unit can perform level adjustment for the supply voltage, as well as for the switching input and switching output, in addition to providing a RS485 interface. Enclosed in a small, robust metal housing, the new BPS 8 device is protected to IP67.

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