RFID system suits scalable applications

Paul Boughton
Ha-Vis RFID from Harting is a fully integrated radio frequency identification (RFID) system that offers a high degree of flexibility to simplify the implementation of scalable RFID applications. The new system combines rugged, high-performance RFID readers with powerful data pre-processing to ensure high-speed data transmission and optimum dynamic network performance. Overall control is provided by the Ha-Vis RFID Suite, an efficient software package that allows the scaling of RFID applications from individual readers through to enterprise-wide systems across different locations.

As an aid to integration of the RFID transponding functions, all the readers provide UHF and HF technology as standard features. Their rugged design and construction allow them to be used in a wide range of industrial environments, including mounting on metal surfaces.

The Ha-Vis RFID Suite administers the interfaces to the RFID reading devices and printers, as well as to barcode readers, sensors and controllers. The suite is based on the .NET platform and offers service-oriented architecture in which an optional number of company applications can draw on the processed data.

Ha-Vis RFID is designed to reduce the data flow in an organisation's Ethernet network and enables real-time responses to be made to RFID event data. In addition, advanced administration and security modules help to minimise downtime and reduce the overall operating cost of the RFID system.

The processed RFID data can be conveniently integrated into all company systems because the plug-and-play architecture of the Ha-Vis RFID Suite has been designed to support all the relevant current hardware, standards and protocols. The easy integration of new hardware or new standards into the architecture of the Ha-Vis RFID Suite ensures that companies are able to exploit the greatest possible benefits of their RFID investments and creates long-term investment security.

Developers and system integrators will benefit from the toolset provided, as well as from central network administration and user-friendly interfaces that translate into convenient and rapid development and maintenance of high-performance RFID systems.

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