Miniature flat motor offers high torque and ISO 13485 compliance

Paul Boughton
Maxon motor is unveiling a new addition to its range that is claimed to offer more torque per millimetre than any other. The EC 9.2 Flat motor addresses the problem of providing adequate power in small-sized applications. Measuring just 10mm in diameter, including a protective outer cover, the motor delivers a nominal torque of 0.83mNm, with a stall torque of up to 1.29mNm.

The EC 9.2's unusually small size is achieved through its use of an external rotor. This contains a ring-shaped eight-pole neodymium magnet that rotates around a three-phase winding to create a rare level of output for its size. This innovative design means that, even with its protective covering, the EC 9.2 Flat is considerably smaller than other motors with similar performance.

Maxon senior sales engineer Paul Williams comments: "The EC 9.2 Flat takes compact engineering to a new level. For its size, the amount of torque is phenomenal."

Importantly, the motor's production adheres to the ISO 13485 medical technology standard. This means the EC 9.2 Flat is suitable for use in medical applications where instruments require the highest power possible in very limited space. The motor is also useful in industrial applications where size is an issue - for example, in pumps for miniature fuel cells.

The EC 9.2 Flat is available with or without Hall effect sensors and, like all Maxon products, is designed to be modular, rendering the motor compatible with many thousands of gearhead and controller combinations.

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