High- and low-density serial EEPROM devices in standard small-outline packages

Paul Boughton
Microchip announces several new I2C serial EEPROM devices in small packages. The company has unveiled a series of 4, 64 and 128kbit serial EEPROMs in a innovative waver-level chip scale package (WLCSP).

Additionally, the company introduced the industry’s first 1 and 2kbit I2C serial EEPROMs in a 5-pin SC-70 package, and the industry’s first 32 and 64kbit serial EEPROMs in a 5-pin SOT-23 package.

The small, innovative devices complement industry trends towards smaller and more sophisticated designs and are ideal for a wide range of portable and consumer-electronic applications.
Smaller form factors have forced engineers to consider smaller packages to meet the needs of their applications. With Microchip’s tiny new serial EEPROMs, designers can replace larger packages with these smaller, less expensive packages without sacrificing performance. One of the newest and most innovative packages on the market, Microchip’s die-sized WLCSP has an extremely low profile, making it appropriate for not only space but height constrained applications.
The low pin count of the ultra-small 2mm x 2mm SC-70 and 3mm x 3mm SOT-23 packages requires fewer I/O connectors, which helps to minimise overall design size and cost; and provides further cost advantages over other popular package types such as the SOIC. With the WLCSP, Microchip now offers an entire family of I2C EEPROMs in packages the size of the die itself – several are smaller than 1mm x 1mm.
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