Circular connectors are more compact

Paul Boughton

Responding to requests from key clients, ITT Interconnect Solutions has shrunk the size and reduced the weight of its circular interconnection components, while still maintaining their high levels of reliability and performance in tough environments. The new, compact Trinity MKJ connectors are better prepared to deal with the demands of high-end system designs, such as those used in medical, military, aerospace and industrial applications.

Employing a choice of three different coupling methodologies (bayonet, threaded or breakaway), this component portfolio offers a mix of functionality and versatility. Though scaled down, components in the Trinity series still meet high specifications in terms of long-term reliability and operating performance, and have been engineered to ITT's most stringent quality standards. Jam nut, square flange and in-line versions are available. Master and secondary keys allow multiple clocking positions to be utilised.

The connectors are targeted at military hardware, medical equipment, industrial instrumentation and avionics applications. These include soldiers' helmets/backpacks, aircraft pilots' headsets, missiles, unmanned surveillance aircraft, satellites and patient monitoring instruments.

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