Mini circular connectors are sealed to IP68

Paul Boughton

ITT Interconnect Solutions has developed a mini connector series that is designed specifically to withstand high-pressure environments of up to 5psi (0.3bar or 3.5m of water).

The connectors, designated the MIKQ IP68 series, were developed in response to customer requests for harsh-environment mini-circular connectors to fit within the same physical space as standard MIKQ connectors but meet a superior specification and suit applications such as tactical communications and control systems, imaging systems and TV camera systems.

The MIKQ IP68 connector series benefits from all insulator and contact areas being fully sealed against demanding environments.

 A new and highly effective contact system adheres to an innovative sealant material and maintains 0.050inch (1.27mm) contact spacing. The 37-pin connectors feature a twist pin contact system with standard crimp contact wire terminations that are robust yet cost-effective. Secure connector mating is achieved with a push-pull coupling mechanism and the connector is housed within a brass shell.

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