Solar solutions for thin-film generation

Paul Boughton
DEK Solar has announced that its PV1200 photovoltaic metallisation platform is not only being deployed around the world to meet the challenges of silicon wafers but also, to meet the commercial challenges of thin-film substrates.

DEK says it is driving the production of thin-film PV cells towards mass market adoption through a range of cost and productivity benefits.

The emergence of new types of solar cells produced using thin-film technology presents solar manufacturers with a number of advantages including cost benefits against increasingly expensive silicon wafers.

For example, thin-film technology enables solar cells to be constructed on flexible substrates, opening up many new opportunities to embed solar power generation into diverse commercial applications.

Working closely with influential producers, DEK has developed a range of metallization solutions for thin-film substrates. Processes include precision deposition of silver epoxy compounds for metallisation, as well as the application of other active and interconnect layers, using printing techniques similar to those already proven in bulk silicon solar cell production.

“As the production of solar cells increases globally, producers need better and faster production technology, backed by shorter lead-times and customer support capable of supporting ongoing productivity,” explains DEK’s Alternative Energy Business Development Manager, Darren Brown. “Here at DEK Solar, we’ve already established world-class production values for companies building photovoltaic cells on silicon wafers and we’re delighted that we can now deliver the same opportunities to thin-film cell producers. Combined with leading-edge production technology, our global support infrastructure provides even the most progressive companies with the back-up they need to maximise throughput and yield. What’s more, I’m confident that our commitment to partnering with our customers will continue to optimise the production of thin-film solar cells for mass-market adoption into the future.”

DEK’s PV1200 solar metallisation line delivers 1200 cells-per-hour throughput, six-sigma process rating, 12.5 micron resolution and advanced handling capabilities.

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