Novel rotary encoder saves cost

Paul Boughton

Balluff's new S2E Rotary BML rotary encoder is claimed to provide a new level of positional information for applications such as conveyors, speed control and angle measurement. Rugged, accurate, and easy to set up, the encoder is said to be a lower-cost, more effective improvement on standard rotary encoder designs. The basic design of the S2E consists of a magnetically-encoded ring and a non-contact sensor head. This assembly installs easily and provides a quadrature output at up to 46,000 pulses per revolution. An available mounting hub allows its magnet ring to be adapted to a wide range of applications.

According to the company, the S2E Rotary BML rotary encoder provides accurate velocity and position tracking of virtually any rotary movement to monitor continuous and/or oscillating rotary shaft motion. It also converts rotary motion into linear measurement to provide compact linear positioning information. Continuous feedback enables PLC-directed set points and electronic cams to be established to make the operation of the host machine more flexible.

Balluff says the S2E can be used to give a PLC the positional information necessary for virtually all conveyor-based manufacturing operational functions such as multiple station error proofing with single station rejection. It also provides conveyor speed control monitoring. Position information provided by the S2E can also be used by the central PLC to develop software-driven programmable cams.

The S2E provides accurate angle measurement for apparatus that revolves around a shaft. For example, on a mitre saw application an output signal can be sent to a digital display to give the operator an accurate visual indication of the angular position of the saw blade.

Another potential application relates to accurate control and monitoring of shafts, including those on motors or other rotating equipment. For example, rotational positions of solar reflectors can easily be monitored by the S2E. An index pulse can be used to set the home position (due East, for example).

Note that the new encoder is sealed to IP67, so it can easily withstand outdoor environments.

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