PCI Express hardware interface is Can-compatible

Paul Boughton
ESD Electronics is launching the Can-PCIe/200, a PCI Express hardware interface for use with the Controller Area Network (Can) communications protocol. The interface is fully compatible with the requirements of ISO 11898 and allows a data transfer rate up to 1MBit/sec. As with all Can interfaces from ESD Electronics, the Can-PCIe/200 is designed according to the necessary industrial standards, which make it suitable for industrial applications, robotics, medical equipment and more. All interfaces are equipped with optical isolation represented by high-speed opto-couplers and DC/DC converters. The Can controller is a Philips SJA1000 device.

Can provides high-speed serial communication between microprocessor systems and one of its characteristics is the extremely high reliability, which makes it applicable for time- and safety-critical applications. In addition, Can provides cost savings by reducing the need for extensive wiring. Higher layer protocols, such as Canopen/Devicenet for automation, and J1939 for off-road vehicles, enable Can to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Wilfred Voss, president of ESD Electronics, comments: "The Can-PCIe/200 complements the ESD Electronics product line of hardware interfaces supporting Can, Canopen, Devicenet and SAE J1939. It will support our customers in the pursuit of improving the performance of their Can applications."

Software drivers are available for the Windows, Linux, VxWorks and QNX operating systems. A free-of-charge software development kit (SDK), including an application programming interface (API), as well as a full Can/Canopen network analysing software package, is included.