Choice of interfaces enables direct connection to fieldbuses

Paul Boughton

Since the introduction of JVL’s integrated ac servo motor – the MAC motor – several years agothere has been a great deal of interest in integrated stepper motors due to the numerous benefits associated with integrating the driver and controller in the motor unit.

Quickstep is a new series of integrated step motors from JVL with options to deliver a range of functionality (Fig.1). The basic unit is a high-torque step motor with flange dimensions of 57x57mm (Nema23) within a housing constructed to provide ingress protection to IP55 or better. One or more PCBs and various connectors can be mounted in the housing to configure the various different modelswhich operate from a 12-48 Vdc power supply and deliver 1.11.6 or 2.1Nm of torquedepending on the version.

Intelligence is decentralised andwith no cables to install between the motor and driverinstallation is simple. This configuration is also EMI-safeas switching noise remains within the compact motor casing – which does not require any cabinet space.

Quickstep is a low-cost alternative to using a separate step or servo motor and driver. A choice of interface modules makes it possible for the motor to be controlled from a PC or PLC with serial commands via RS232/RS485with pulse/direction input and encoder output or through a Canopen or Devicenet connection. Future options being considered are Profibus DP and Ethernetas well as Bluetooth and Zigbee wireless protocols. 


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