swinghandles install without screws or bolts

Paul Boughton

Dirak has a new line of Snap-Line swinghandles with D-Snap Technology. Because no screwsnuts or tools are neededyou save up to 90percent of hardware installation time.

Swinghandles are ideal for gaining access to enclosures and can be used on any sheet metal cabinet. They offer 4–6mm compressionsingle and multi-point latchingand multiple locking options. They are suitable for either RH or LH applications and many are water and dust tight meeting IP65 and EN60529 certifications (NEMA4/12).

What makes Snap-Line swinghandles so unique is a set of spring-loaded wings that are inserted into a channel in the housing. The wings move freely so they can be inserted into the panel cutout. As the wings retract after passing through the cutoutthe Snap-Line swinghandle is held securely in placeeven under vibration.

Strength and durability are comparable to products installed via traditional assembly methods. These swinghandles have a pullout force of up to 4000N. The benefit is ease of installation and reduced assembly time.

Many swinghandle applications require a rod latch system. With Snap-Line Technologyboth items are installed as one component. To allow for easy replacement and maintenance of associated areasthe Snap-Line mechanism can be retracted. 

Dirak GmbH & Co. KG is based in EnnepetalGermany. www.dirak.com


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