Energy absorption where space is a premium

Paul Boughton

The ongoing trend to miniaturise increases the demand for small and compact damping devices. The answer is the use of miniature shock absorbers.

Shock absorbers control and softly decelerate moving masses. The use of these products reduces costly impact damage and resulting machine downtimewhile system lifetime is increased.

These devices work by converting kinetic energy to thermal energy.

The dampers absorb the problem energy through the transmission of motion of the impact object through the piston rod of the shock absorber.

This action subsequently pressurises the internal fluid within the deviceforcing a flow through the restricting orifices of an internal shock tube.

This then causes causes the fluid to heat rapidly. The thermal energy which is then created is transferred to the cylinder body and harmlessly dissipated to atmosphere.

If energy absorption is needed where space is at a premiumEnidine says its miniature shock absorbers are the products of preference.

The trend towards miniaturisation also demands high performance in a limited space.

Available in thread sizes M6 x 0.5 and M8 x 1.0Enidine has available two miniature shock absorbersTK 6M and TK 8Mthat are able to handle masses ranging between 0.3 and 5kg.

The characteristics of these miniature shock absorbers correspond in premium quality to the larger high value Platinum damper range. the main features include:

  • Steel body and nickel plated finish.
  • Stainless steel piston rod.
  • High energy capacity up to 1Nm.
  • Integrated positive stopsaving incremental cost and downtime.
  • Impact Velocities 0.1–1.4m/s.
  • Simple installation and maintenance by use of a rear screwdriver slot.

Enidine GmbH is based D-79415 Bad Bellingen (Rheinweiler)Germany.


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