Data logger uses USB flash drive for storage

Paul Boughton

Grant Instruments is introducing the Datataker DT81which is claimed to be the world's first data logger with USB Flash drive supportwhich allows the use of low-cost USB memory sticks to unloadcontrol or reprogram multiple loggers.

The DT81 is a robuststandalonelow-power and data logger. With support for SDI-12 sensor networksModbus for connection to any SCADA-based systemand with web-enabled featuresthe DT81 is suitable for the most challenging environmental or industrial monitoring projects.

Up to 5 million data points can be stored in a securenon-volatile internal 64MB memory with user control available for multiple data filesoverwrite modesalarm histories and automatically archived event records. The new logger also features RS232EthernetUSB and USB memory stick portstogether with modem dial-in and dial-out functions. 

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