absolute shaft and hollow shaft encoders

Paul Boughton

Kübler’s Sendix family of absolute shaft and hollow shaft encoders are offered in singleturn (max 17Bit) and multiturn (max 29Bit) versions.

A real time SSI interface (with SIN/COS option) is available for transmitting position dataas well as the new all digitalbi-directional BiSS interface and various Fieldbus and Real Time Ethernet options within a short time.  

The multiturn component of the Sendix absolut series is based on a newly developed mechanical gear module in conjunction with a purely optical sensor technology. It is completely resistant to magnetic fields – even strong magnetic fieldsfor example in the vicinity of brakes on geared motorscause no interference to its function. 

Moreover it was possible to develop a multiturn encoder with a mechanical gearwhich for the first time in the industry-standard 58mm format made possible a through hollow shaft up to 14mmØ (15mmØ with blind hollow shaft). The encoders give warning or alarm signals concerning sensor errortoo low voltage or too high temperatureeither via the interface or optically with an LED. These Condition-Monitoring data put an end to downtime in the field. Real-time rapidity with the new Sendix absolute encoders is possible thanks to the efficient SSI interfacewith clock frequencies up to 2MHz or the ultra swift BiSS interface with max 10MHz. 

Fritz Kuebler GmbH is based in Schwenningen Germany. www.kuebler.com


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