Kit offers rapid development

Paul Boughton

Arcom's SBC-GX533 Development Kit for Windows CE 5.0 includes a pre-built Windows CE image, allowing new users to begin application work immediately.

The operating system image includes a comprehensive component set allowing for a wide range of possible applications.

The kit features the SBC-GX533 single board computer which offers three times the performance of its Geode GX1 predecessor. Configuration has already been completed with Microsoft Platform Builder for specific onboard devices, saving weeks or even months of low level development effort.

Windows CE 5.0 is ideal for mid to high volume projects where a small software footprint and low license cost coupled with a Windows style GUI are important. Windows CE can serve as a hard real time operating system for a large number of applications.

The compressed Windows CE 5.0 image, registry and configuration files occupy approximately 13MB of the onboard Flash drive leaving 19MB for your Windows CE application programs.

Remote development is simplified by the VNC Viewer, which shows users the SBC-GX533 screen image in real time on their host PC. Users can also ‘brand’ their application by generating custom boot splash-screens when the system is switched on.

The SBC-GX533 is a low profile, fan-less, RoHS compliant, EBX form factor board based on the 400MHz AMD Geode GX533 1.1W processor. It includes all standard PC interfaces and a full range of multimedia features with fast, high resolution support for analog displays or digital TFT panels. The on chip floating point processor supports numerically intensive applications such as audio processing. The board also has a PC/104-plus site for I/O expansion.

The Development Kit has everything needed to start work immediately. The board has 512MB DDR DRAM as well as the 32MB Flash memory. A 6.5-in colour TFT and analog touch screen are optionally available. There is also a full cable set, an AC power supply and a comprehensive Development Kit CD containing development tools including Embedded Visual C++ 4.0, product documentation, code samples and demonstrations.

The SBC-GX533 Development Kit for Windows CE 5.0 is a rapid development path to compact, cool running solutions with powerful GUI, numerical and communications capabilities.

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