High-speed multihead weigher

Paul Boughton

The Ishida R Series advanced multihead weigher can deliver more finished packs from the same amount of product than any other multihead weigher on the market, claims the manufacturer.

The weigher includes more weigh heads per calculation, calculating 16 times as many weight combinations and selecting three suitable candidate combinations for each weighment instead of one - in one fifth of the time taken previously.

These extra combinations and selections mean that, although also being up to 20 per cent faster, the R-Series is significantly more accurate and efficient.

Even in average weight mode, the accuracy increase delivers a 0.5 per cent increase in yield compared with Ishida's previous best machines. Against less accurate competitor models, the yield increase could amount to several percentage points.

The latest DACS-W checkweigher from Ishida features a powerful, intuitive new graphic interface that simplifies operations and speeds up training. The swivel-mounted colour touch-screen provides easy to follow instructions for line operators with online help, self-diagnostics and fault finding.

In addition, the checkweigher can be specified with a camera that allows pack images to be stored in the machine's memory for immediate recognition, enabling product set-up and changeovers to be carried out in seconds.

The incorporation of the DACS checkweigher in the Ishida QX775 Tray Sealer enables pack weights to be checked prior to sealing, thereby minimising packaging and product waste, as well as providing valuable production data that can be fed back to equipment further up the line.

Offering speeds of up to 70 packs per minute and ease of operation and product changeover, the QX775 is suitable for busy and pressurised food manufacturing environments where retailer demands have led to reduced lead times, shorter production runs and increasing pack formats. The QX775 also features Ishida's inside cut technology, which enables each tray to be top sealed without any film overlapping the tray rim, thus enhancing pack appearance and reducing film consumption by at least 5 per cent.

For more information, visit www.ishidaeurope.com"

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