Maintenance update to technical data analysis

Paul Boughton

A new maintenance update for FlexPro 7, the data analysis software for technical data sets, has just been released by Weisang GmbH & Co KG is now available from Adept Scientific.

FlexPro 7.0.12 (available free of charge to all current FlexPro users with a maintenance agreement) further enhances the performance of this powerful, object-orientated program, so that users can analyse and present trends and results even more effectively.

FlexPro 7 introduced a new user interface, with tabbed document windows to ensure you never lose track of the data displayed on screen, the ability to choose whether to hide or display docked windows, and a new Properties window that shows the properties of selected objects in a list so they can be edited simultaneously.

The new maintenance update, FlexPro 7.0.12, is primarily about performance. Now it is much easier to zoom and scroll through large data sets; plotting large 3D data sets as waterfall or contour graphs is significantly faster; and presentations that previously took several minutes to complete are now finished in a few seconds.

In the area of data analysis, there are throughput improvements for event isolation of several functions as well as for time-frequency spectral analysis. Import filters for TEAC TAFFmat, Graphtec WR/GL, BMC NextView and IMC FAMOS have been reworked and now support new devices and formats.

FlexPro can now also import the TiePie multichannel TPS format.

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