Optical trackball sealed to IP68

Paul Boughton

A new optical track ball module for use alongside a keyboard or touchscreen is being launched by EAO.

The optical track ball module is particularly suitable for use in information and communication terminals for the public, such as those in libraries or art galleries; however, the stainless steel construction and high protection (up to IP68) against water and dirt ingress makes it equally suitable for use outside or in dirty environments such as factories.

This optical track ball module is maintenance-free and has no moving parts, plus it is vandal-resistant to IK09 with internal shock absorbers, and resistant to light diffraction - whatever the liquid - due to EAO's patented system.

The optical track ball mouse module (also referred to as an industrial mouse module or industrial cursor control) is available with either one or two click buttons and connects through either a USB or PS2 interface. The actual track ball itself is available with either a 38mm or 50mm diameter.

EAO also offers a non-optical version of the track ball module in plastic or stainless steel, which is sealed to IP65. EAO can supply either track ball mouse module on its own or with the EAO W-series rugged metal keyboard. The W-series rugged metal keyboard is built from chromed Zamak keys and brushed stainless steel. It will resist impacts up to IK 09 (10J), which makes it suitable for use in areas where vandalism is a problem. The high protection to IP67 against water and dirt ingress means this product is also suitable for use outside.

Furthermore, EAO can also build a complete control panel with keyboard and integrated optical track ball module, delivered fully-wired and ready to integrate within a kiosk or information terminal.

For more information, visit www.eao.co.uk


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