Non-metallic covering for pipe insulation

Paul Boughton

The Sakhalin oil and gas project is about to enter a new phase of productionwith an extensive expansion project underway.

The Sakhalin II consortium is currently building two offshore platforms for the Lunskoye and Piltun Astokhskoye fields. The topside facilities of the LUN-A and PA-B platforms are being built at the Samsung Heavy Industry shipyard in South Korea.

To reduce the risk of corrosion in the harsh climateBritish project management group Amec looked for a system with a non-metallic covering for insulating the pipes and specified Arma-Chek R from Armacell.

Apart from resistance to weathering – in winter temperatures fall to as low as -40˚C and wind speeds reach up to 150 km/h off the coast of Sakhalin – the mechanical resistance of the material and fire behaviour tested according to the international IMO standard were of decisive importance when choosing the insulation material.

All process lines (some with trace heating)pipes of the ventilation and plumbing systems and vessels with a maximum medium temperature of 150˚C were insulated with HT/Armaflex and they were then covered with the 1mm-thickelastomeric Arma-Chek R Grey covering.

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