Fugitive emission control

Paul Boughton

James Walker has announced a stable of products which meet the stringent requirements of TA-Luft air quality control regulations, ensuring the highest levels of emission control.

These include Metakamm Kammprofile grooved metal gaskets, Metaflex spiral wound gaskets, Metcom semi-metallic gaskets plus Supagraf Premier and Supagraf Controlgraphite-based packings for valve stems.

Metakamm Kammprofile gaskets offer optimum sealing performance for flanges on high temperature/pressure pipework and vessels where operating conditions can fluctuate. Metaflex spiral wound gaskets are now available in material combinations to suit all applications for high-integrity sealing at pressures from high vacuum to 350+ bar over temperatures from cryogenic to 1000degC.

Supagraf Premier and Supagraf Control are top-of-the-range graphite packings specifically developed to control fugitive emissions from on/off and control valve stems respectively. They contain advanced lubricant systems that prevent the pick-up of graphite on stems.

The TA-Luft (Technische Anleitung zur Reinhaltung der Luft) sets maximum permissible limits for emissions when processing, conveying or transferring dusty, liquid or gaseous materials, taking into account the specific risk potential.

For more information, visit www.jameswalker.biz/moorflex


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