Radio modem offers high durability

Paul Boughton

Westermo Data Communications is releasing a standalone industrial radio modem that offers both a long range and high reliability when connecting 10/100 BaseT Ethernet networks wirelessly.

The Elpro 805U-E is excellent for industrial Ethernet connections in both process control and factory automation applications such as PLCsDCSScadadata acquisition and wireless video.

The module uses 869MHz unlicensed radio technologyoffering a data rate of up to 77Kbits/secto provide excellent penetration in congested industrial environments with a range of over 500m through buildingsfactory walls and steelwork. It is suitable for both long and short-range applicationswith a maximum range of up to 5km. A repeater function can increase the range even further.

The 805U-E radio modem is extremely reliableincorporating multiple layers of error-detection and correctionplus an automatic changeover to another access point if the wireless link fails.

Security isof courseas paramount. As well as having secure firewall protectionthe 805U-E makes use of military-grade AES security encryption of the wireless data.

The module can be easily configured – using a web-browser – as an access pointbridgerouter or client/station. Remote configuration and diagnostics are also available via the wireless link. To improve the management of the wireless datathe module uses a message filtering system at the MAC

address level. 

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