Photoelectric sensors deliver high performance

Paul Boughton

Datasensor’s new S62 series of high-performance compact photoelectric sensors has been developed in 50 x 50 mm housing with a width of 18 mm to obtain maximum performances in the main optic detection functions used in industrial automation.

The first models available are polarised retroreflective and background suppression proximity sensorswhich are practically the most diffused optic functions in about 60 per cent of the reference applications for this format.

The S62-B polarised retroreflective model features a maximum operating distance of 10 mplus it benefits from high excess gain and immunity from reflections on more shiny surfaceseven if irregular or with mirror-finish.

The S62-M background suppression models have a range of 30 cm with visible red emissionor 60 and 120 cm with infrared emission. All versions present a six-turn mechanical trimmer adjustment for the operating distance and high immunity to colour differences in objects.

Product highlights include: IP67-rated ABS plastic casing with PMMA window and PC lens; 50x50x18 mm compact dimensions with multiple fixing holes; bright LED indicators for output (yellow) and stability (green); sturdy M12 connector block rotatable in 90-degree steps; and NPN or PNP NO-NC standard double output. 

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