Vision system does away with the boredom of proofreading documents

Paul Boughton

The Value Engineering Alliance is adding an automated proofreading systemthe Psifeyeto its array of application-specific systems.

Used to confirm that all product information documents conform to their designs with respect to both content and qualityPsifeye enables manufacturers to detect and correct errors early in their production processes.

Psifeye functions as a supply chain productivity tool from the beginning of document design through prepressproduction and incoming inspection of printed documents. It compares images of documents and plates scanned by standard large or regular format scanners. The image analysis software deals with paper stretchink bleed-through and other printing distortions and effects universally identified as being primary causes of automated offline print inspection system errors. It also handles variations in electronic documentsenabling them to be compared to proofstransparenciesplatespress sheetsinserts and outserts. 

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