Transducers have integral signal conditioning

Paul Boughton

RDP’s latest DCTH long-stroke transducers are robustreliable and easy to incorporate within highly dynamic equipmentRDP is launching a new series of DCTH long-stroke transducers.

With linear ranges from 25mm to 940mmthe DCTH units cansay RDPbe ordered with a choice of ‘free’ armature‘captive guided’ armature or ‘spring activated’ armature types.

Because high-quality signal conditioning electronics are fully integrated into each transducerthey are easy to apply devices that can be operated from either a single or dual supply from 20V dc to 40V dc with ±5V or 0 to 10V outputor with a 4–20mA output option.

The DCTH series transducers are extremely robust and are suitable for measurement applications where there may be many millions of cycles or very high-speed movement.

Using the LVDT principle they readily suit tasks where long-term reliability and continuing accuracy of measurement are important.

The method is not only well suited to fit and forget situations butdue to the absolute nature of the outputis particularly appropriate for use in closed-loop systems.

Where information needs to be transmittednoise-free over long distancesthen the RDP DCTH long-stroke linear displacement transducers can prove very cost-effective.

Customers also have the option to specify models for use in harsh environments. 

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