Multi-chip LED module delivers nine wavelengths of light

Paul Boughton

Opto Technology is launching its new OTLA-0100 high densitymulti-chip LED module offering nine distinct wavelengths of light.

The OTLA-0100 features nine LED chips packaged into a compactthermally conductive ceramic substrate.

This product can be used in various applications to illuminate a target sample with multiple colours of light along the same optical path.

Typical applications include fluorescence excitation equipmentcolorimetersblood analysersclinical chemistry analysers and DNA analysers.

In additionthe OTLA-0100 offers the inherent long-life and reliability advantages of LED technology versus traditional halogen lamps or lasers.

The OTLA-0100 module offers wavelengths that range from ultra violet through the visible red spectrum (380nm410nm460nm500nm525nm575nm615nm655nm and 705nm).

Its small size provides easier coupling of secondary focusing optics. This module can be also customised to incorporate additional wavelengths and integrate secondary optics.

The standard price for the OTLA-0100 is US$82 (E68) per unit in small quantities.  

 MeanwhileThe Endura Bright is a new line of LED based MR-16 replacement bulbs. They can achieve outputs equivalent to a 20 watt Halogen light source with only 5–7 watts of electrical power depending on the LED and the power supply selected. The Endura Bright series comes in all the primary LED coloursthree power levels (125 watt outputs) and three viewing angles (1020 and 30 degrees). 

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