Large screen displays are readable in full sunlight

Paul Boughton

Global Display Solutions Ltd (GDS)which designs and manufactures industrial displayshas announced the launch of its 32-in and 46-in large screen colour TFTs specifically designed for outdoor installation.

These innovative displays are readable in full sunlighthave extremely high resolution and are designed to operate 24 hours a day.

The design of these displays make them suitable for use in outdoor applications such as railway stationsairportsbus stationstheme parksshopping malls and other passenger information and advertising display functions. These displays are the latest outdoor products to be brought to market by GDS.

The new displays are totally weather-proof and vandal-proofmaking them ideal for all external applications. The frontal Advanced Optical Enhancement (AOE) treatment facilitates numerous performance improvements including high contrastno condensationno dustno reflection and parallax problems. All internal modules are also designed to aid easy replacement and maintenance.

The casing of the displays has been made to IP65 standardwhich guarantees total protection from dust and low pressure water from all directions. The quality of the graphics on the display is extremely highoperating at 1366x768 resolutions.

GDS has also launched an Electronic Design Service. This enables GDS to help its customers design new display systems for specific projects.

The service ranges from full turnkey product design and cost reduction developments to design with component obsolescence in mind. From design development to legacy supportGDS works with its customers to provide tailor made solutions which best fit with each specific application. With a team of more than 40 engineersGDS provides its customers with dedicated specialists in all Monitor LCD areas of display technology. 

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